There's just something about home-cooked meals. The taste, the smells and the memories that each meal encompasses. Every one of our senses is triggered, and everything feels perfect and warming and full of love and power. That’s how we feel when we go to Gail’s. A bakery may seem a strange choice for a brand so dedicated to 'free from' foods and natural ingredients, but Gail's ethos is one we can relate to. They may be almost everywhere across the city, but they still seem small, personal, local and meaningful to us. Upon entering any of their stores you'll be overwhelmed by their presentation of cakes and salads, and intoxicated with a warm smell of baked goods. Everything they make is produced "With the finest ingredients, the most skilful bakers, and the most important ingredient of all – plenty of time.” Whether you go there for baked goods, salads, or afternoon tea, go there with time, and spend it on enjoying their lovingly-made comfort foods - healthy or not.

Where: Across London

What For: Sweetcorn Fritters, Gluten Free Baked goods and their homemade seasonal compotes.