In 1970, the Earth Day movement was inspired by a devestating oil spill in Santa Barbara, and 46 years later, billions of people all over the world are still uniting to celebrate one of the most environmentally concious movements of our time.

Earth Day stands as a way to remind us that we live on one hell of a precious planet, and boy do we need to be careful with it. Earth Day raises awareness of all the serious threats our planet, and ourselves, have been facing for some time. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, rising sea levels - and the list don't stop there. Earth Day, though, has become more than just a day, and has inspired and encouraged all kinds of mini-movements across the World to ensure support, protection and appreciation is enforced wherever and however it is needed. Although action is being taken constantly, as we become more concious and more careful, this particular day comes as a reminder for us to tune into what is really happening to our habitat, and to consider ways in which we can do our bit to help create a better and safer place in which to exist.

Each year, festivals, rallies, talks, public demonstrations and activites are held in over 192 countries to encourage people across the world to become more environmentally friendly and considerate. So this year, channel your energy towards doing something to help, and potentially save, the planet on which we live. The Earth provides us not only with a home and space to live, but also essential substances for survival, such as water, plants, heat and each other. Take some time today to think about how you could be gentler with the Earth, how you can help to make a change and how you could make more friendly decisions and habits during your time here. Together, if we take more care of the Earth, it will take more care of us, and become a safer place for generations to come.