By now, you know, our main concern is that you wake up well. But not just well. We want to encourage and assist you in waking up positive, vibrant, energised and ready to catch whatever's thrown your way. To help ourselves help you, we took a look into the majestic world (and mind) of Will Williams - a London-based Vedic Meditation Teacher, to learn a little more about how mediation works, what it brings to the body and the mind, and how to make it a part of your morning rituals and routines. If you really want to wake up well, with a sense of clarity and calmness, instead of tiredness and lateness, scroll now.

"If you can crack a morning routine that works for you, then you will be gifted with feeling energetic, inspired and ready to handle whatever life throws at you, easily and calmly. 

Here are some tips to ensure your mornings are a peaceful and inspiring time, and an environment that welcomes the new day gently, not difficultly: 

Lack of light and being jolted awake by a loud alarm tone increases the body’s cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Using a sunrise alarm clock to wake you up naturally on darker mornings can work wonders. It’s a gentle and stress-free way to support the body’s transition from deep sleep to wakefulness. Sleep peacefully, but wake peacefully too.

After turning to Vedic meditation eight years ago as a cure for the chronic insomnia I was suffering, I found it had such a positive impact on my life and on my energy levels that I haven’t missed a morning meditation since. When I first discovered it, it was wonderful to feel that even when I had a poor night’s rest, I could simply wipe the slate clean with a twenty-minute refresher once the sun was up. This ancient, simple and powerful technique will ensure that you start your day calmer, more positive, powerfully energised and both mentally and physically prepared for what the day may hold.

It may sound like a torture instrument, but using an Ayurvedic tongue scraper is an amazing thing to do for your body. It removes the toxins that build up on the tongue overnight and support your body’s natural detoxification process. Scrape the tongue gently, working from the back to the front.  

Starting the day with a few yoga sun salutations or the five Tibetan rites exercises is a wonderful way to awaken the physical body. These are powerful techniques that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate by stimulating the body’s ‘prana’, or life force.

Reaching for your phone to check emails and Twitter immediately upon waking will immediately stress your system out. Equally, avoiding screens last thing at night is crucial for a restorative night’s sleep. Every time we look at a screen, our nervous system is stimulated - give your body a break in the few hours before you sleep so it can start winding down naturally.

An easily digestible meal three hours before bed will ensure that your digestive system isn’t going to wake you up during the night whilst it tries to process a heavy meal. Freshly-made light soups and dhals, organic vegetables cooked with spices and grains such as quinoa are ideal.  I would also advise adhering to the adage that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after - the liver detoxes the body during the hours of 10pm to 2am, so going to bed earlier will have a huge impact on your wellbeing".

For constant inspiration, follow Will's journey @willwilliamsmeditation + www.willwilliamsmeditation.co.uk/