Have you ever walked into a cafe, looked at the menu, and genuinely stared at it as if you'd never seen a menu before? That’s what going to Morty & Bob’s feels like. You don’t know whether to order on of their seasonal, wholesome salads, their one-of-a-kind brownie covered with hazelnuts, or their famous (and most requested item on the menu) grilled cheese sandwich. Regardless of what you end up with, the message Morty & Bob's transmits revolves around a healthy balance. By creating unique combinations of nourishing ingredients, rich in natural goodness, they create dishes bursting with both flavour and essential nutrients. Never an easy feat. The space, as well, exists in balance, with natural light pouring in through large windows, luscious plants and laid back, cosy decor, as well as functional workspace and a peaceful environment to 'get shit done'. It holds the perfect balance of making you feel at home, but also being a place you can go to work to get away from your actual home.

Where: 2nd Floor, Netil House, E8 3RL

Near: London Fields or Hackney Central (overground)

What For: Grilled Cheese / Smashed avo, poached egg and smoked salmon breakfas

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