This weekend there is something to celebrate. We officially leave winter behind and ‘spring’ into longer days, warmer temperatures and greener pastures.

The Spring Equinox is a point of equilibrium in the year - when light and darkness are in balance but the light is becoming slightly more powerful. The balance is suspended just before spring bursts forth from winter. Night and day are of equal length at the equinox, and the forces of male and female are also in balance.

There is something magical about the idea of spring, with new beginnings, rebirth and positive energy all around us. The earth and its inhabitants start to open up and come to life at this time of year, and the world is full of newness, growth and energy. Seeing greenery and changes in nature, baby animals being welcomed into the world, general sunshine and happiness pulls us out of the great (and long) winter struggle and forces everyone to shed their heavy winter layers. We are filled with hope as the longer, brighter days remind that summer is a thing, and is on its way.

What spring brings most importantly is balance. Balance is something that interests most of us who aspire to live healthily, but is something that must constantly be worked on. Too much obsession either way is damaging to the mind and body. A new season helps to rebalance  us and offers new light, new energy and new opportunities. It also encourages us to be conscious that even the earth has to pull itself back this time of year, to create a healthy, balanced environment in which living beings can thrive.

Our bodies are affected by seasonal shifts too. Being exposed to more vitamin D from sunnier days and perhaps taking our workouts to the park allows our skin to breathe, freshen and renew. For some people even just a glimpse of blue sky can lift the spirit, when our minds are lighter and more positive we are more likely to feel strong and able, with this thought in mind many find that they increase their activities and extend or add to their workout plans. We’ve all heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) where humans can almost be affected by the winter months in the same way that a hibernating animal can. But Spring is the chance to come out of hibernation into a new, fresher and powerfully lively environment, as if being reborn. Our sleep cycles will fall into new sequences with the new season, and as daylight hours begin to increase - with the sun rising earlier and the days lit for longer - our bodies will naturally wake earlier and (hopefully) experience less premature fatigue in the evenings.

Spring is a chance for cleaning, cleansing, rebalancing and renewing, whether that regards your home, your wardrobe or your diet. Food wise, Spring offers lighter produce and our bodies crave freshness and nourishment, over warmth and a heavy feeling of fullness. Savour the last of the winter produce, enjoy your last comforting meal and embrace the fresher, lighter and more vibrant provisions the Earth begins to offer. There is so much to look forward to! Spring is a season of hope, positive vibrations, fresh energy and anticipation, and above all provides reassurance that Summer is on its way!