Wendy Rowe is one of the most inspirational make up artists of our time. Famed for her modern-luxe aesthetic, Wendy Rowe has been working in the industry for over eighteen years. Deemed the master of the “nude look,” Rowe’s signature style achieves a balance of effortless cool and flawless beauty. Her ability to make 'nude' and 'barely there' make up look a million dollars is what landed her the role of Artistic Consultant for Burberry Beauty and what her client portfolio of Chloe, Eres, Prada, Gucci, Hermés, Hérve Léger, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Burberry, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Revlon, Chanel, and MAC are all crazy for. Rowe’s editorial work has appeared Vogue (British, Italian, French, American, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and German), i-D, Allure, Numero, W, and V. She has also worked with many globally recognized faces including Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Rosie Huntingdon Whitely, Eva Green, Anja Rubik, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, and Mila Kunis, all of whom yearn for a fresh and effortless look that makes them look and feel like a goddess, without seeming too 'done'.

Rowe’s vision of modern femininity has made her a desired collaborator for fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, Camilla Akrans, Patrick Demarchelier, Alasdair McClellan, Mario Testino, Hedi Slimane, Daniel Jackson, and Regan Cameron. However, here philosophy toward achieving optimal skin and effortless beauty through food as also lead her to collaborate withhealthfood brands such as Roots & Bulbs, for whom she developed a Pure Skin Juice in 2015, made with coconut water, turmeric, aloe vera, alfalfa, lemon, mint and cayenne pepper. She is even releasing a book this month, focussed around keeping your skin healthy and letting your outter beauty shine by nourishing your inner self.  The book contains over 70 easy and delicious recipes specifically designed to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to glow each recipe correlates to an essential skin-feeding ingredient that will help target specific skin problems and common complaints. From cucumbers, 'the internal cleanser', to limes, 'the natural astringent' and carrots, 'the immunity booster', there are also breakdowns of the vitamins and nutrients each of these familiar ingredients provide.

We wanted to find out more about her favourite ingredients, her opinions, her advice and her top secrets regarding the connection between inner and outer beauty. Read on.

I’m a make up artist and am also an artistic consultant for Burberry Beauty. As a make up artist, my work takes me all over the world and day-to-day. This morning I woke up in New York. Tomorrow morning I will wake up in London. My job involves making up models and celebrities for editorial shoots, campaigns and/or red carpet appearances. I try to start each day with a trip to the gym. If it’s a shoot day, then I will usually be up really early so this might not be an achievable intention. I have two heavy suitcases of makeup and the studio location changes from day to day, so most mornings will involve me struggling into a car that will take me directly to the set. If it’s not a shoot day, then I will go into the office and work with my team on projects there.

Eating well and exercising are really important to me; I always like to start the day with a healthy breakfast or a juice and some exercise to give me lots of energy for the day ahead. I love to meditate first thing in the morning, before I turn on the radio and drink a glass of lemon water. My best piece of morning advice would be to add an organic cold pressed juice into your routine to kick-start your digestive system for the day ahead, and to help energise your body on an internal level.

I’m careful to take good care of my skin and always start the day by splashing my face with cold water. I then use a toner and moisturizer from Joelle Ciocco (I alternate, depending on the environment or where I happen to be. Our skin requires different things depending on climates, the freshness of the air, pollution etc). I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to makeup for myself; I curl my lashes with Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler, apply Burberry BB cream and add a swift sweep of mascara – that’s usually all I do. If I’m not working, I tend to give myself a bit of a break and don’t wear any make up at all. If I'm in need of some extra TLC, I spend a little extra time massaging and prepping my skin. This is my top tip for instant turnarounds and for waking up the skin, and is one I use on all of my clients too. I always like to cleanse the skin using a lymphatic massage technique to wake up the skin which helps by flushing out any toxins. I like to use Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist followed by Crème de la Mer moisturiser to hydrate, followed by the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid base by Burberry and protect the skin so that the make up looks fresh. Following these gently invigorating and awakening prep techniques, I have a few trusty make up products on hand if skin is still looking a little fatigued. For hiding tiredness and boosting a dull complexion, I always reach for Burberry’s Fresh Glow Golden Radiance and apply it all over the face; it’s great for adding instant luminosity to the skin. I also like to use Burberry’s Sheer Concealer to mask any signs of fatigue, applying it around the eye area, tapping it into the skin gently with a finger. My top tip for concealing darkness is to use an orange-based shade to cancel out any blue tones; Burberry’s Sheer Concealer in number 3 is perfect for this.

I also think the way you care for your skin at the end of the day and before bed is just as important as what you do in the mornings. I always make sure to remove my make up in the evenings, no matter how tired I am. I also like to spend a bit longer on my skin in the evenings than I do in the mornings, and I have more time to take over moisturizing the body and face well - using richer products than I tend to use in the mornings.

I am a huge advocate for feeding the skin through diet too, and not just through beauty products. What you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it, and the food we eat becomes part of our cells which ultimately make up all of our organs, including our skin. Diet and exercise are both super important and I am a true believer in taking care of the body from the inside to boost external beauty. Most mornings for me include an almond milk cappuccino, smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado. If I had to choose my five most favoured breakfast items it would have to be organic cold pressed green juice, smoked salmon, eggs, avocado and banana. I also love Qnola, as it is made with organic ingredients and doesn't contain any added sugars. Cacao & Cashew is my favourite!

Sometimes I even use my favourite natural food products externally too. I use natural coffee scrubs on my body which are great for boosting circulation, and I’ve been using coconut oil as a multi purpose beauty product for a long time. From a cleanser to a moisturizer - the posibilities are endless.

Follow @wendyrowe for daily inspiration, make up tips and beauty advice. Wendy's book Eat Beautiful is out later this month too, where you'll find top tips and recipes for edible and external skincare.