Ever just feel a bit off for no particular reason? Ever feel bloated when you've hardly eaten? Ever feel tired no matter how well rested you are? Ever considered it could have something to do with the moon? The moon is underrated, people, and we aren't taught to give consideration or a moment of thought towards the moon's power and abilities to dictate how we're feeling and functioning down here on Earth. We mean it when we say the way we look, feel and operate depends on much more than just what we eat. I wont go into it too much here as intro's are supposed to be brief, but the Qnola Life Moon Journal is where we will be sharing our visions, dreams and intentions under the guidance of the phases and cycles of the Moon from now on.
It'll explain a lot.

December 29th 2016.  06:53am 2016

"Live in the light of Love"

A New Moon in Capricorn falls at the close of this year, calling us to set our highest intentions for the new cycle that lies ahead.

In the darkness of this moon, we are asked to kindle our inner fire to experience greater love for ourselves, our relationships with others and our planet. If you have felt the intensity of conflicted emotions or a sense of being pushed and pulled in different directions, we are now invited to find a place of stillness in which we can return home to ourselves.

Capricorn encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves and tune into our personal power. What happens when we choose to follow our internal compass to navigate the pathways of our lives, rather than looking for validation from external sources? When we choose to tune into our inner guidance, we are able to discover a new perspective that is ripe in possibility and opportunity. We begin to feel the freedom that awaits us when we truly love ourselves.

And this New moon speaks to the transformative role that love plays in all aspects of our live. A love that shines its light on all of our gifts, inviting us to celebrate all of the ways we show and express love, whilst looking for new ways to grow and expand this sense of love. Trust that you have everything within you to be and do all that you want and more.

Capricorn favours conscious solitude, so create space for yourself on this new moon to sit in quiet reflection and set your intentions and wishes for the coming year. Tune into your heart and write from a place of freedom. There are no limitations or boundaries; this is the time to call into your life all that your heart desires.

Contributed by Kate White.