Ever just feel a bit off for no particular reason? Ever feel bloated when you've hardly eaten? Ever feel tired no matter how well rested you are? Ever considered it could have something to do with the moon? The moon is underrated, people, and we aren't taught to give consideration or a moment of thought towards the moon's power and abilities to dictate how we're feeling and functioning down here on Earth. We mean it when we say the way we look, feel and operate depends on much more than just what we eat. I wont go into it too much here as intro's are supposed to be brief, but the Qnola Life Moon Journal is where we will be sharing our visions, dreams and intentions under the guidance of the phases and cycles of the Moon from now on.
It'll explain a lot.

December 14th 2016.  00:06 GMT

"On this night
In your radiant light
I ask you to release
All that is no longer needed
So that I can begin again
Ready for the path ahead
The greatest sight yet."

On December 14th (00:06am GMT) the super moon in Gemini casts her all seeing light over our lives and asks us to envision our highest and most radiant selves. As the year comes to a close and time seems to run by in a whirlwind of holiday festivities, this final full moon of 2016 asks us to pause and find stillness amidst the rush of our busy lives. We are being called to get clear on our intentions for the year that lies ahead, and to let go of anything that is no longer aligned with our truest sense of self. 

For many of us 2016 has been a time of great change, it has not been easy as events on a personal and global level have left us feeling at times a great sense of loss and sadness. As we find ourselves in this natural place of reflection it is such a powerful moment to recognise all that has been accomplished. That no matter what happens, we are able to stand here right now and say we came through it. By coming into this place of recognition, we are able to see that these testing times are paving the way towards finding greater love and strength within ourselves and in our global community.

And this is how astrology acts as such a powerful guide and support, showing us where we need to let go, and where we can clear the space to really step up and act on our truth. It is paving the way forward for us to say what has long been hidden for the greater good, and make the necessary adjustments in order to bring about the changes we want to see within ourselves, and the world around us.

Courageous Gemini invites us to set aside some time for ourselves, to go inward and listen to what our heart truly desires. Light a candle and use this moment to think about all that you have done this year, the moments that have made you feel strong, as well as the moments that perhaps made you feel afraid. This super moon is likely to heighten our sensitivity and may bring up intense emotions. Whatever arises for you, choose to respond from a place of kindness to yourself and try not to be overly critical. Breathe deep and hold space for yourself to feel the emotion and release it. Envision yourself stepping forward freely on to a new path. Which pieces of yourself will you choose to bring with you and which will you leave behind? This is Your time to celebrate you and all that you are.  Remind yourself that the future is bright with your place in it.

Kate White