Let's face it, we've already embraced the December diet (aka all of the food) and will inevitably wake up more than once this month with an alcohol-induced sore head. Though we advocate waking up well on every level, sometimes nothing beats an indulgent and drawn out brunch to sort you out after a big night.

With several locations across London and a menu to satisfy quite literally every craving, The Breakfast Club is one of the most famous brunch hangout spots and is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied. Recognised by Londoners for the constant queues (at ALL times of day) and nostalgic retro decor, TBC has earned a reputation for liberal portion sizes and relaxed dining. The perfect cure for when you're feeling a bit jaded.

If you haven't walked past one of the 10 cafes and had a peek at the menu, imagine hearty pancake stacks with maple syrup & bacon, Mexican inspired Huevos Rancheros, breakfast burrito's and butty's galore. They also do the usual eggs, avocado and bircher breakfast fare if you have allergies or want to keep your healthy habits aligned, but if you're going to make the trip, definitley consider going the whole way. Or visit with someone who will, so you can enjoy the visuals!

Come January, everyone will be on the New Year health kick. But whilst festive spirits are high and everyone is on the over-eating vibe, if you're looking for somewhere to overdo it, The Breakfast Club can certainly have this arranged for you.