We've teamed up with luxury luggage brand Away for the latest instalment in our Winter events series. Join us on Wednesday 9th November for a calming mid-week Wind Down Well evening of yoga and guided meditation followed by a healing bowl of warming soup.

There is much more to winding down well after a long day than opening a bottle of wine or sitting in front of the television. We are all guilty of opting for convenience over quality; we go to the gym and pick something quick for dinner on the way home, we don’t feel like a big meal in the evening because we had a late lunch or we simply can’t think that far in advance. However, we believe that the better you #WindDownWell, the more likely you are to #WakeUpWell the following morning - feeling clearer, more present and fully rested.

We want to encourage and inspire people to wind down more fully, and to surrender to the evening in a positive and open mindset. 

Tickets are free so be sure to reserve your spot before they're gone!