If you've been following the Qnola journey for a while, you'll know that Autumn is also the time to welcome back one of our favourite limited edition flavours - Vanilla Chai. A comforting and calming blend of flavours including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, flaked almonds and toasted coconut, all of which are proven to help aid digestion, boost the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins. 

Vanilla Chai

Our limited edition blends are inspired by seasonal ingredients with comforting flavours and deeply nourishing ingredients. At a time when we are susceptible to illness and fatigue, Vanilla Chai is the best breakfast to get you out of bed each morning and looking forward to the day ahead. Here's how you can benefit from some of the powerful ingredients:

Cardamom - known to help aid digestive problems, detoxify the kidneys and relieve cold and flu symptoms.
Cinnamon - can help lower cholesterol, relieve systemic inflammation and is packed with protective antioxidants.
Ginger - used as a sickness remedy, reduce muscle pain and soreness and lower blood sugars.
Vanilla - promotes healthy skin and hair and helps aid the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

When the days become shorter as we creep towards Winter, many of us don't have time to prepare breakfast - let alone a healthy one. For those wanting a quick, healthy and truly nourishing breakfast, Qnola is the solution. This best-selling blend won't be around for long so make sure you don't miss out. Visit our website here to see the latest goodies in store.

Vanilla Chai