There’s something quite intimidating about writing an introduction to a friend. You want to portray them well without appearing biased or soppy, and you want to convince everyone of their brilliance without referring to inside jokes or experiences that no one else will get. Bonnie Wright is not the kind of person you come across often, especially in the industries in which she's involved. You’d think that, growing up in front of the camera and on the big screen - acting solidly (and spectacularly) from the age of 9 - she’d be hard to relate to. But that's not the case. Bonnie is calm, cool and collected. She is also honorable, openhearted, powerfully driven and contagiously hungry for life (and breakfast, of course). 

Since landing the part of Ron Weasley’s lil sis in Harry Potter (if you don’t know it, we all feel sorry for you), Bonnie went on to study film at London College of Communication, instead of using her previous successes as a quick ticket into the next big feature film. It’s here she discovered her passion for not only acting but offering more to a production in terms of concept, creativity, storytelling and direction. Her passion for bringing more to a project, for bringing things, people and ideas together, and her determination to work hard on something that has real meaning to her are what's gotten her to where she is today. Currently living her busy life in New York, and constantly travelling if not visiting home (where she recently shot her latest short film), it’s hard to figure out how she schedules in any kind of me-time. Naturally, we wanted to find out what it takes to wake up as inspired, focussed and determined as she does. And when you find out it involves ice cream for breakfast, you’ll wonder why you’re not waking up at 4am to make movies in Joshua Tree too. As busy as she may be, Bonnie understands the healing properties of foods and likes to feel connected with what she is putting in and on her body, investing time in home cooking as often as she can. She possesses a sturdy morning routine and practices several daily rituals to set herself up efficiently for each busy day. 

"The very first thing I do when I wake is pour myself a glass of water. I then spend some time alone meditating – usually in my room or in a quiet place wherever I happen to be at the time. It’s what I wake up for in the mornings. I can’t wake up well if I haven’t meditated, and I hate being rushed as it throws everything off for the rest of the day. If I could give you one piece of advice for a successful and positive morning, it would be to meditate. I find that if I meditate before eating breakfast or beginning my morning regime, my body is more accepting and deals with these doings more easily.

Breakfast usually consists of coffee or a sun potion latte (one of which I shared with Bonnie recently, and which gave us the courage and power to go rock climbing in the Mohonk Preserve, NY. It truly is an awakening concoction). This is followed by some kind of dairy-free yoghurt with Qnola or my own homemade granola if I’ve had time to bake previously in the week. My favourite blend of Qnola is the Beetroot & Pistachio. Aside from being damn tasty, I adore its heart opening colours – it turns everything it touches a beautiful shade of pink!

For my own homemade granola I’ll use whatever gluten free grains, pseudo grains, natural oils and sweeteners, nuts, seeds and all the superfood powders I have on hand. My five breakfast essentials include coffee, sun potion’s anandamide, maca root powder, flaxseeds and any type of nuts.

 "My favourite blend of Qnola is the Beetroot & Pistachio. Aside from being damn tasty, I adore its heart opening colours"

.  .  .

My healthiest breakfast would involve two eggs, anyway, spinach, avocado and quinoa. If you find me eating this it means I’ll have worked out beforehand. (High in protein and easy to digest to support muscle repair and elevate energy levels, this girl has got it down). On a more indulgent day, you’ll catch me tucking into homemade buckwheat banana pancakes or a big acai bowl – because lets face it, its basically ice cream.

One thing I need to do more of in the morning is stretch. One thing I need to do less of in the morning is look at my phone.

"My ideal morning would include waking up with bright sunlight pouring into my room, a fully stocked fridge and a busy, inspiring day ahead of me".

The earliest I’ve ever woken up was 4am, to make movies. Luckily I’m naturally an early riser, and the latest I’ve ever woken up is 4pm, confused and jetlagged. 

The best place I’ve ever woken up is Hidden Valley campground in Joshua Tree National Park. If I could, I’d wake up here every morning. But as I cant, my more realistic ideal morning would include waking up with bright sunlight pouring into my room, a fully stocked fridge and a busy, inspiring day ahead of me.

This morning I meditated, had a black coffee and went to a boxing class. Then I met the lead actress of my upcoming short film for breakfast.

Tomorrow morning I will meditate, then pack a small bag of cosy clothes and head to my family’s beach house on the south coast of England. I haven’t been in 6 months. I’ve missed the sea!"

.  .  .

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