Mindful Mornings is our series of morntime events dedicated to waking the body and mind up well, before they get caught up in the busyness of each day. Each event begins with half an hour of mindfulness exercise (past events involved guided meditation, gentle but energising yoga, sound healing), which is followed by a short, intimate discussion centered arounded self-guided meditation techniques, and how and what to eat first thing in the morning. Guests are then provided with a deeply nourishing breakfast, made from natural ingredients, and free from gluten, dairy or refined sugar. Our aim is for these events to provide a moment of calm before the storm of each day, helping attendees to start the day feeling balanced, grounded, centred, positive, energised and in control.

Most of our events will take place on Wednesday mornings, as we think this is a crucial time for reflection and intention setting. We can reflect on occurrences - whether positive or negative - that may have taken place at the beginning of the week, and reset anything that may be out of balance or bringing us down. We can also take this time to be grateful for things that are going just fine, and can focus on setting new intentions for the remainder of the week. Most of our events will take place between 7am and 9am - a peacful time when the city is only just beginning to stir. Rising with the sun, you'll notice a unique energy within. We have a unique energy in the mornings because we're recently rested, and are rising and waking in line with the Sun and Earth. Instead of allocating 'me time' after work, or after dinner, or after your evening chores (when you'll often feel too exhausted to do much at all), schedule it in as part of your morning regime, when you can truly appreciate it and make the most of it. The way you wake will set the tone, mood and energy for the rest of the day ahead of you.

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