If you can't make our morning events, from time to time we also hold evening events centered on winding down well, in order to wake up well the following morning. We believe that every great day starts the night before. You can eat a good breakfast and give yourself an extra half an hour in the mornings, but if you haven't slept well or fully, neither of these things is likely to effect how well your body and mind feel, and function. Our aim is to encourage the body to transition out of a tense state, caused by the demands of the day, into a calm and centred state, to slow the body and mind down in order to welcome and prepare for deep relaxation and sound sleep.

Just like our Mindful Mornings events, Mindful Mealtimes will begin with a mindful exercise (such as meditation, sound healing, yin / restorative yoga, tea ceremony, art and journaling), which will be followed by a brief pre-meal breathing excerise, to prepare the body for digestion and absorption. The evening nourishment will be enjoined as a communal feast, and will consist of three courses, made only from natural ingredients and without gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Each dish is designed to be easily digestible in order to keep your body and metabolism on a calm level, whilst still functioning optimally. The menu will utilise deeply nutritious herbs, spices and other fresh produce prepared using simple methods, in order to effortlessly provide the body and mind with what it needs as the day comes to a close. The aim is to rest and reset the system, and to avoid demanding too much effort and energy from it at a time when it is preparing to shut down. Whilst our internal processes are still in full swing as we sleep, we want this to take place on a cellular level, rather than a physical level (which will only keep us awake).

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