Danielle is a full-time model, qualified nutritionist (dip), food writer and chef based in London. She has been modelling for five years and since the job depends heavily on the way you look, feel and act, has become increasingly aware of the importance of her dietary choices. Following plenty of research, studying part-time and learning through personal experience, Danielle began to understand and experience the benefits that come with eating natural, wholesome ingredients, and cutting out processed and refined foods from her diet completely.

Giving up sugar and grains meant giving up traditional granolas and the lack of it left her feeling lost in the mornings, and in search of a healthy alternative - something which, at this point, didn't exist on the market. She began to make her own gluten-free granola using different seeds such as buckwehat, amaranth and quinoa, and when friends, family and Instagram followers loved it, they encouraged her to create it for the masses. The recipe has developed a lot from the first experiment in her kitchen, and contains her favourite superfoods and a nutritious selection of nuts and seeds, to make a range of honest, reliable breakfast goods.

No buzzwords or unreliable health claims - just real food, made with real ingredients, providing real energy and real health benefits.