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A series of evening events intended to help Wind Down Well from the fast-paced demands of a busy day, into a calmer, more grounded and present state of being.

Mindful Mealtimes have been designed to  help you Wind Down Well and connect to the world around us. To launch the series, join us for a calming evening of Tea Ceremony (lead by London Tea Club) followed by system-cleansing liquid nourishment.

There is much more to winding down well after a long day than opening a bottle of wine or sitting in front of the television. We are all guilty of opting for convenience over quality; we go to the gym and pick something quick for dinner on the way home, we don’t feel like a big meal in the evening because we had a late lunch or we simply can’t think that far in advance. However, we believe that the better you #WindDownWell, the more likely you are to #WakeUpWell the following morning - feeling clearer, more present and fully rested.

We want to encourage and inspire people to wind down more fully, and to surrender to the evening in a positive and open mindset. Our first Mindful Mealtime event will involve an hour-long Tea Ceremony using traditional Eastern teaware to emphasise quality, presentation and mindfulness, followed by a vegan, three-course liquid meal. We will begin the dinner with a short breathing activity to connect the body and mind and to regulate the digestive  system - focusing on the importance a balanced mind plays in overall wellbeing.

Earlybird tickets are available now for just £20 so be sure to reserve your spot before they're gone!

Earlier Event: 8 July
Later Event: 28 July