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We’ve been day dreaming, night dreaming, planning and exciting ourselves about one day opening a store, and last week something miraculous happened. It’s a long story, and boring you with it would mean risking your mouse heading straight to the left hand corner of your browser for a swift exit, before you’ve even got to the good part. So instead, i’ll give it to you in short. We have a shop space. We only have it for a few weeks, and we only adopted it at the beginning of this week, so we haven’t been planning it for long, but to be honest, it’s more fun this way. If we’d had months to plan, there would have been more opportunity for things to go wrong, and a lot more stress and self inflicted pressure. But with a more casual approach, we’re all remaining fully calm, but no less motivated. Myself, my good friends at The Hardihood, and my other good friends at Marina London and going to fill this space with peace, love, light and body-loving foods for all. Expect a super informal, laid back approach to living and eating well, in a space that will encapsulate our values of mindfulness and good energy through good, homemade good, meditation events, kundalini yoga, gong baths, cacao ceremonies and just a chilled place in general.

The space has come up only temporarily and we are working hard this week to plan and schedule all the events and ideas that are currently clogging up our minds and making us avoid getting any actual work done. Until January 28th, we will be hosting boxing workshops, yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness sessions, and will be selling all our usual Qnola and Hardihood goods - plus new ones - throughout the month.

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