The latest instalment of our Wake Up Well events dedicated to help you wake up on a more mindful, grounded and centered level. 

Join us for the latest weekend instalment of Mindful Mornings on Sunday 11th December with guest yoga teacher Pip Roberts to help you wake more positively and more grounded.

Many people are roused from their slumber by unnatural means, which are disturbing to the body and mind when they are at their most fragile. Although alarms are a necessary evil in this day in age, they trigger a sense of panic, haste and hostility in us, and instead of waking up naturally and gradually, our neurological system is jolted and our body’s and mind’s natural instincts are to remain like this throughout the day. However, we believe that if you give yourself a little more time in the mornings to focus on thinking positively, you're more likely to think more positively and openly about things that take place

Tickets are FREE and limited - register here to avoid disappointment.